About Oryx Compliance

Oryx Compliance, LLC is a company founded by Blake Rue that assists companies in meeting their Davis Bacon and Section 3 responsibilities. Oryx’s custom developed internet software simplifies the certified payroll submittal process while providing a platform for general contractors to connect with subcontractors and better manage the collection of accurate and complete certified payroll information.

Oryx's Davis Bacon Services

  • Conduct pre-construction conferences.
  • Use Oryx Compliance’s custom developed internet software tool allowing subcontractors to complete Davis Bacon certified payrolls online to ensure completeness, accuracy and timeliness.
  • Coordinate with contractors and sub-contractors regarding Davis Bacon compliance.
  • Archive payroll review findings for audit preparation accessible via the internet.
  • Ensure payment of restitutions and resolution of errors.
  • Conduct on-site interviews for labor standards compliance.
  • Identification and administration of wage determinations

Oryx's Section 3 Services

  • Develop and implement a Section 3 Plan.
  • Document execution of the Section 3 Plan.
  • Create and deliver Section 3 information package to subcontractors.
  • Assist subcontractors in meeting and documenting their efforts to comply with Section 3.
  • Coordinate Section 3 compliance activities to the “greatest extent feasible” in the community on behalf of the developer.
  • Assist contractors and subcontractors in verifying Section 3 resident and business eligibility and maintain all Section 3 documentation.