Davis Bacon Internet Software Tool

The collection of certified payrolls is a challenge for almost every developer. Incorrect or incomplete forms, underpayments, non DOL approved wage classifications, unpaid overtime, the list is long and exhausting. Oryx Compliance has custom designed its internet software tool to simplify the certified payroll collection process and ensure certified payroll forms are accurate and complete. By providing an internet platform to connect developers to their subcontractors, Oryx’s internet software allows developers to effectively and efficiently manage the certified payroll process throughout construction. Features include:

  1. Payroll data stored in a cloud and easily accessible by developers and subs.
  2. Generates the following pdf forms for Davis Bacon compliance.
    1. Start Work Notice
    2. Authorized Agent Form
    3. Weekly WH-347 Certified Payrolls
    4. Payroll Deduction Form
    5. Worker Information Sheets
    6. Work Complete Notice
  3. Automatic reminder emails sent to subcontractors regarding overdue payrolls.
  4. Developer project dashboard displays the payroll status of every subcontractor.
  5. Easily accessible subcontractor contact information.
  6. Payroll data stored for 3 year compliance period.
  7. Error prevention for wage classifications, wage rates, dates, addresses and much more.
  8. Easy project set up for developer.
  9. Developers can upload project specific documents for view by subcontractors.
  10. HTTP Secure Socket log in.
  11. Each subcontractor has an individualized log in.

We have found our new internet software, specifically designed for your industry, alleviates a tremendous amount of certified payroll headaches for developers. We hope to have the opportunity to do the same for you and invite you to contact us with any questions or to learn more about how we can help your company with its Davis Bacon compliance needs.


Blake Rue